The Balance Sheet Reports

The Balance Sheet Reports consist of 3 reports, plus two preformatted graphs. Click on Reports in the Main Menu and slide down to Present Baseline Scenario. Slide over to the list of reports, and click on Balance Sheet Reports.

The Schedules Report is the detailed audit trail of all the balances of the assets and liabilities. The Financial Condition Statement is the formal balance sheet with the assets on one side and the liabilities and the net worth on the second column, complete with signature block. The Text Analysis explains the balance sheet and breaks the assets down by categories and by % of portfolio.

Select the Text Analysis Report. Next MasterPlan asks if you want to direct the report to Word or to our own report writer. Remember, let MasterPlan control the linkage to Word. You can close documents in Word, but leave Word open.

If your clients want to take the Statement of Financial Condition to the bank, you might want to indicate the status of each item on the following window. Click on whichever check boxes apply to this client. Then click OK.

Type in (or select) the Print Year.

If you sent the report to our own report writer, close the report by following the instructions in the section above.

Or, if you sent the report to Word, close the document and return to MasterPlan when done with Word. Remember you can leave Word open.

NOTE: If you minimize Word, the next time you send a report to Word you won’t see the report until you maximize Word.

Close the report and view the other Balance Sheet reports. You might want to leave the last report open so that you can paste a graph into the report.

Next, let us create a graph.

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