User-Definable Reports

Everything Works Better When You Have a MasterPlanSince it was first released back in 1985, MasterPlan has given its users the ability to control all text reports. These text reports are concise and specific to the current client, because they include the numbers and data drawn directly from this client's portfolio.

When it creates a text report, MasterPlan reads a template file and decides, based on the current client's situation, what paragraphs to include or exclude. Users can control these choices by editing the template files and controlling the conditions for these choices.

In addition, if you are a MasterPlan user, you can send all pre-defined reports to Word or to MasterPlan's own report writer. You can change any wording or numbers in any report on the spot. You can reformat, change fonts, drop in any of MasterPlan's pre-defined or customizable graphsor even clip artit's up to you.

You can insert MasterPlan-created graphs, bitmap (bmp) or wmf images, or even draw shapes such as squares, rectangles, and circles then drop information inside of those shapes.

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