Real Estate Analysis

Considering that the equity in their home is the greatest financial resource most clients have, it is surprising that MasterPlan is the only financial planning package both to provide professional real estate analyses and to fully integrate each property’s economic performance into your clients’ overall financial picture!

You Can Create Three Real Estate Reports

Should your clients retain their rental properties or sell them? With the Rental Property Analysis, you can evaluate the properties in seconds for their total annual return (including equity build-up), and for their effect on your clients’ cash flow, income taxes, and net worth.

Home is Where the Mortgage IsShould your clients rent, buy, or sell their home? The Residential Property Analysis shows the effects that various operating expenses and loan parameters have on the overall performance of the residence as an investment. Your clients will learn whether they are making or losing money by owning compared to renting. This report also can be used to evaluate a property before a client makes a purchase, by modeling the effect of the proposed purchase on cash flow, income taxes, and net worth.

Should your clients refinance one or more loans? One of the questions most frequently asked of financial advisors is whether it makes economic sense to obtain entirely new financing or to refinance an existing debt. To answer, you must be able to compare such factors as the interest, amortization, payment, and balance differences between the loans, as well as how their tax bracket will be affected by higher or lower interest expenses.

The Refinance Analysis Report evaluates the economic differences between a property’s existing financing and any proposed financing. It pinpoints exactly how much money, if any, will be released by the transaction, and it demonstrates the minimum after-tax return needed to break even on reinvestment of the released equity.

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