System Requirements

MasterPlan Works Just Great on a Notebook ComputerMasterPlan can run on laptops, desktops, and networks. Although we list here the minimum requirements, you will want the biggest, fastest, highest capacity computer, of course.

Processor: Pentium recommended

Processor Speed: 166 MHz and above recommendedthe faster, the better

Memory: 64 MB or more for best results

Disk: Uses no more than 20 additional MB for a complete install

... and on a Desktop, TooOperating System: Windows 95 and above

Printer: Can be color or black and white

Media: CD

Display Screen: Most Windows products look their best on at least a 15-inch screen, but the bigger the better. If your screen is smaller, you can experiment with setting the resolution as high as possible to avoid having to use the scroll bars.

You will also want a modem so you can connect to MasterPlan's web site.

MasterPlan™ for Windows is also available in a network environment.

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