MasterPlan Analysis and Reports

With MasterPlan, you can create a multi-page, comprehensive plan, or you can do stand-alone reports.

Most of MasterPlan reports are both modular and integrated. This means that in addition to comprehensive plans, you can produce quick stand-alone reports without having to enter a lot of information about a client.

Flexible Presentation

MasterPlan reports and graphs give you the greatest possible flexibility in creating client presentations for all types of clients.

While some clients admire the simplicity of a graph, others prefer numeric analyses or text. Some clients demand fine detail; others only want a thumbnail sketch of their financial situation. How your client receives information should determine your presentationin pictures, text, summaries, massive detail, or some combination of these.

MasterPlan's reports can go directly to Word for Windows™, so you can edit them to suit your style and the needs of your clients. Or convert them for use with other software packages. You can paste any graph that you want into any report produced by MasterPlan, so you can easily achieve your own customized look.

 Do They Want Pictures?

You may have developed the most elegant, well-composed, completely analyzed plan ever, but ... if your clients must see it to believe it ... Graphics to the Rescue!

Cash Flow Jitters

MasterPlan Graphs highlight the benefits of your advice, so they can SEE it, and so they will DO it!

Changes in 11 Years

Do They Want It In Plain English?

For those clients who favor textual explanations, we have a library of concise freeform reports.

MasterPlan dynamically and conditionally merges your client's numbers with the paragraphs that fit their situation.

Retirement Needs Analysis

Would you prefer to create your own text reports?

Or do you prefer to use ours?

It's up to you!

You can customize MasterPlan's templates to fit your style of doing business.

Do They Want Details?

On the other hand, some clients insist on understanding where the numbers come from.

To help these clients, Master-Plan creates an audit trail across the years, for both current and proposed (what-if) situations.

Financial Projection

Note that many of MasterPlan's reports can start in any year within the 99 year projection window.

For example, the Current Projection Report details how each item contributes to the client's financial situation in six sections: Income, Income Taxes, Cash Flow, Liquidity, Retirement Plans, and Net Worth.

It can extend for several pages for a client with many assets. This example shows the first page of a multi-page report.


Do They Want The Bottom-Line?

Does your client want to see your recommendations on just one page?

MasterPlan has many one-page summary reports for those clients that want to concentrate on the essentials.

Capital Needs Analysis Report

For example, on the Capital Needs Analysis Report, the bottom line of the report above answers the question: HOW MUCH LIFE INSURANCE DO I NEED!!?

The report also includes the detail required by the analytical client.

With MasterPlan, they UNDERSTAND it their way ... and DO it your way.

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