Retirement Planning

They'd Rather Be SailingMasterPlan provides a complete retirement income picture including an audit trail of all items of income and expense to a clientís life expectancy.

You Can Create Three Retirement Reports

Give Them a Road Map to a Bright FutureDo you have clients just on the verge of retiring? Do you need to track every expense and income item? Choose the Baseline (Present) Retirement Summary Report. From the first year of retirement through life expectancy, MasterPlan will summarize the income and expense items, annual shortage and/or surplus, and remaining net worth.

Is there a shortage? Use MasterPlanís powerful What-If capability to sell or reposition assets to meet the shortage, and choose the What-If (Proposed) Retirement Summary Report to show the difference.

Or, are your clients young enough to be able to plan in detail for those golden years? Select the Worksheet Retirement Needs Analysis Report to see how much more they need to save to meet their retirement goals.

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