Education Planning

Watch Out World!Are your clients planning to send any children to college? Our Education Needs Analysis module allows you to predict how they can meet these goals.

What would they have to deposit as a lump sum now to finance the expenditure later? Or what would it take if they were to save on an annual or monthly basis to provide for the children’s education? MasterPlan answers these questions?

With MasterPlan, you can create a sophisticated needs analysis report the family's children, showing how much must be set aside or regularly contributed to education savings, using up to twelve different assumptions about returns on investment.

You can change the assumptions, including investment amounts, rates of return, and inflation for each child, as well as different undergraduate and graduate education expenses for each child.

MasterPlan even knows that four academic years are spread over five calendar years!

And, of course, the table report includes a text report with an optional graph.

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