Comparing Present and Proposed Scenarios

After creating proposed transactions using MasterPlanís "What-If" facility, you can evaluate the consequences of your proposals compared to the clientís current situation.

Several of MasterPlanís reports, such as retirement and real estate reports, can be produced to show either the proposed situation or the current situation.

Is Their Current Situation a Little Hairy?The Multi-Year Planning Summary actually compares present and proposed situations in a single report, demonstrating the differences your proposals will make on a clientís cash flow, income taxes, retirement plan performance, and net worth. The report can show as many years as you wish, extending to life expectancy (up to 99 years into the future).

Transform Their Future.Similarly, the Proposed Plan Effects Report displays the annual tax savings and investments a client will make based on your recommendations. It then analyzes the tax savings efficiency of the proposed investment strategy, as well as showing the modified internal rate of return for the strategy. You can set this report to begin in any year up to life expectancy.

Once convinced of the value of your proposals, your clients will need an implementation guide to follow through with the plan. MasterPlan automatically produces a Personal Action Plan which explains the steps that should be followed to implement your recommendations.

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