Cash Flow Management

Take Care of Your Money, and It Will Take Care of YouMasterPlan provides a total simulation of your client's cash flow picture for each year from now to the client’s life expectancy. Frequently, financial plans and strategies hinge on the client's ability to properly manage cash flow—not just for this year, but for many years into the future.

As a financial advisor, you'll need to evaluate short-term and long-term trends in cash flow to attain the correct mix of tactics to address problem areas.

MasterPlan automatically includes all items of income such as Social Security at retirement, pension plan, and interest and dividend income. After subtracting all items of expense, MasterPlan calculates an annual cash surplus or shortage.

MasterPlan allows you to properly distinguish cash flow from taxable income. In addition, it provides a detailed audit trail for each cash flow item, allowing you to verify the figures.

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