Research Center Descriptions

Monthly Newsletter - Contains a discussion of contemporary issues in the financial industry. Also alerts readers to new developments on the tax law front and contains tips that can help improve any financial situation. Updated around the first of the month, every month, and has a link to archived past issues.

Life Events Planning - Offers sound, expert advice on a variety of financial situations that individual and businesses are likely to encounter over their lifetimes. The broad range of topics includes everything from "Getting Married" to "Improving Your Retirement."

Business Strategies - Provides valuable suggestions, including tax planning, on improving business operations through every stage of the company's growth.

Tax Strategies - Provides information on suggested tax-savings opportunities.

Investment Strategies - Provides general, non-controversial information on the various forms of investments (We do not recommend specific investments).

Tax Tools - Includes a tax calendar to remind users of important dates, plus tax forms, tax offices, tax worksheets, tax tables and a tax glossary.

Financial Calculators - Various calculators that are useful for quick analyses outside of MasterPlan.

Client Interactive - Provides a means of communication between MasterPlan and its clients. Its document manager feature allows two-way transfer of documents and a document storage facility. Also has Personal Information Management (PIM) features and has links to news and financial news sites. This feature requires separate authentication—contact MasterPlan Support at (707) 451-8986 for help setting this up.

Site Map - An extensive and easily-navigatable representation of everything available in the Research Center. When you click the link on the left a site map will open in a new window and the links will be followed in this window.