Speed and Flexibility

Be a Top Gun with MasterPlanTo analyze all real estate holdings, amortize all loans, calculate federal and state income taxes, cash flow, retirement plan performance, and net worth takes just a few seconds, depending on the complexity of the client's situation and the speed of your computer. And re-calculating is just as fast!

Start your projection from any month. Complete your financial plans in a fraction of the time previously required. Free up more time for yourself! Increase your revenue by completing more plans in the same amount of time. Improve your service by spending your extra time examining more options.


What MasterPlan Users Say ...

MasterPlan’s speed excels, with no reduction in plan quality, allowing me to do more plans in less time." - a financial planner in Emeryville, CA
"MasterPlan software allows me to perform normally time consuming tasks quicker and at a more affordable cost to my clients." -
a CPA, RFP, RIA in Lake Isabella, CA

MasterPlan adjusts to fit your practice.

MasterPlan adjusts to fit your style ...

... and your clients’ situation.Fine-Tune Their Future with MasterPlan

MasterPlan: The Software That Lets You Have It Your Way

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