Comprehensive and Integrated

MasterPlan™ for Windows keeps track of all a client owns, owes, earns, spends, and pays in taxes for the current year, for every year to retirement, and beyond to life expectancy. MasterPlan can analyze all major aspects of a client’s current and prospective financial situation, including:


  •  Federal and State Taxes

  • Real Estate Analysis

  • Cash Flow

  • Asset Allocation

  • Capital Needs Analysis

  • Retirement Needs Analysis

  • Disability Needs Analysis

  • Estate and Trust Planning

  • Education Funding Analysis

  • Balance Sheet and Net Worth Reports

  • Business Valuation

  • Refinance Analysis

Remember the Olde Way?MasterPlan is truly integrated. You have only to enter a data item once, and it flows throughout the system. Whenever that data is needed, it is always accessible. MasterPlan orchestrates the interactions of all elements of its database when calculating reports.

For example, if you enter the property tax on a rental property, MasterPlan adjusts cash flow for the cost, adjusts income taxes for the write-off, and calculates the property's investment return based on the client's tax bracket (which can be automatically calculated). MasterPlan knows when passive losses can be applied, according to the nature and amount of your client's income.

MasterPlan produces an audit trail: It shows the contributions of assets and liabilities to taxes, income, net worth, cash flow, liquidity, and retirement plans, broken down into several subcategories.

MasterPlan prints a statement of financial condition: It analyzes net worth, and lists asset and liability totals and detailed audit trails.

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