Back in the Good Olde Days ...Help your clients budget their expenses. Few tasks are more dry and difficult than developing a monthly budget for a client. However, MasterPlanís integrated approach easily generates a monthly or annual budget based largely on information already collected and stored in the database.

When you first enter a clientís assets into the system, you can enter the frequency of income and contributions. MasterPlan will automatically display monthly income and investment expenses. Thus, the clientís budget will reflect the proper timing for each asset and liability. You can edit the automatically produced budget by entering data in the budget worksheet. MasterPlan instantly will recalculate budget totals and generate a revised budget report.

MasterPlan also provides a budget report that includes percentage breakdowns in the annual budget, allowing you and your clients to focus on areas of greatest importance.

The budget report includes a worksheet data entry screen. You can play "what-if" on this entry screen without saving the information back on the database and without actually creating what-if buys, sells, and refinances.

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